Fireworks of My Heart (2023)

Fireworks of My Heart (2023)

Other name:我的人间烟火 我的人間煙火 一座城,在等你 Wo De Ren Jian Yan Hou Waiting for You in My City

Director: Li Mu Ge [李木戈]

Country: Chinese

Status: Ongoing

Released: 2023

Genre: Action, life, Medical, Romance


Fire chief Song Yan and emergency doctor Xu Qin were separated by family opposition when they were younger. Now ten years later they meet again due to their professions. After experiencing life and death situations together, they manage to find their way back to each other, working together and encouraging each other. They both see that they have grown and changed a lot in the years apart, but will they be able to overcome the obstacles in their path this time? Adapted from the novel “ Yizuo cheng, zai deng ni” (一座城,在等你) by Jiu Yue Xi (玖月晞).
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